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Author of Dark Moon Books' Blind Hunger, a zombie apocalypse book for young adults, Araminta Star Matthews earned her BFA in Creative Writing from the University of Maine and her MFA in the same field from National University. In addition to writing, Araminta teaches writing and literature courses at colleges in Central Maine, Methods of Teaching English for the Maine Educators Consortium in concert with Endicott College's Graduate Program, and English and career development courses as a certified teacher for the second largest adult education facility in Maine. In her spare time, she is a pop culture enthusiast, a gamer, and an avid fiber arts and paper crafter. She lives in Maine with her hyperactive whippet, Devo, and her life partner, Abner.



A voracious reader her entire life, Rachel Lee earned an MA in English from the University of Maine and now teaches academic writing and research at the University of Rochester where she is pursuing her Ph.D. In addition to tutoring undergraduate and graduate writers, she also works for the William Blake Archive and has published articles about electronically editing the strange, multi-media works of the poet-artist, William Blake. She has always been attracted to the dark and supernatural in the arts, and perhaps that's what drew her to the Romantic period of literature, a period dedicated to mysticism, nature, and metaphysics. In her spare time, she cares for her aging pug and writes her dissertation on the printing revolution of the Romantic period.



Author of five books (including Forever Zombie, a horror short story collection), Stan Swanson has been in the publishing business for more years than he cares to recall. His other “occupations” have included singer/songwriter, retail store manager, newspaper editor, graphic artist, and web designer. He started his own publishing company (Stony Meadow Publishing) in 2006 and added the Dark Moon Books imprint in 2009. In 2010 he created and began publishing Dark Moon Digest, a horror literary quarterly which has been hailed as one of the best new horror magazines to appear in years. His hobbies (which he has little time to enjoy) include playing guitar, writing young adult novels, watching horror movies and playing video games.