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Photo: Stan Swanson enjoys long walks on the beach and bubble baths curled up with his coauthored book, Write of the Living Dead. Where do you read your copy?

Photo: Redheads think alike. Long-time friends and ginger-sister, Araminta Matthews and Rachel Lee somehow managed to both get nearly identical photos (and glasses) despite being hundreds of miles apart. Here's Rachel Lee re-reading Write of the Living Dead. Where do you read your copy?

Photo: One of the authors enjoys a re-read in the pool. Where do you read your copy of Write of the Living Dead?


Where Do You Read Your Copy?


Write of the Living Dead Photo Contest


The authors of Write of the Living Dead had so much fun taking photos of themselves holding the book in strange and unusual places that they just had to share the fun with you! This photo contest is simple. Just snap a photo of yourself holding a copy of the book and post it to your personal Facebook page, blog, Twitter feed, Flickr account, Pinterest, etc. Then, copy the link to your post and share it on our Write of the Living Dead Facebook Fan Page. If you post it to more than one site, share more than one link for more entries! If we receive 100 entries or more by October 31, 2012, we’ll select winners for the prizes listed below! How much easier does it get?


Here's our link to the Facebook entry page: Write of the Living Dead Photo Contest


Rules and Eligibility Information:




Random Drawing:

First Place: $200

Second Place: 1 Year Subscription to Dark Eclipse e-Magazine


And, just to keep it interesting, People’s Choice Awards:

First Place: $50 (get your friends to vote for your photo for a chance to win!)

Second Place: $25 gift certificate to Dark Moon Books online bookstore



No purchase necessary to win. To enter, you must be at least 18 years old, or have a parent or guardian enter on your behalf.  A physical copy of the book (either owned or borrowed) must be present in the image to be eligible for prizes. Winners will be notified by e-mail in accordance with Facebook regulations—be sure to include a valid email address with your posting to be notified if you win. Entrants may also email from a valid email address including links to sites where your photo has been posted. Potential winners will be screened for eligibility requirements before prizes will be awarded.  If a potential winner is found not to be eligible, prizes will be redrawn. By entering this contest, you agree to the following:

  1. Any person depicted in the image consents to the image being published on your websites, our websites, and our fan pages, including and its subsidiaries.

  2. You give us unconditional rights to reproduce any image you enter into the contest for use on our websites and fan pages, including and its subsidiaries. You will receive credit for any images you submit in a single byline wherever we post the image.

  3. No person or animal, alive or deceased, was harmed in the creation of this image. Also, no nudity or vulgar content that would be deemed “adult” in nature by the authors of this book will be eligible. If it helps, think of G or PG ratings when submitting to this contest.

  4. By submitting the image to this contest, you declare that you own copyright to that image (you will share reproduction rights with us, but you maintain the copyright and ownership of the image) or that you have entered it into the public domain.

  5. You have not used any trademarked, copyrighted, or royalty-based personalities in your images without receiving prior, written consent from those personalities. In other words, you have not shopped in any celebrities or copyrighted images to enhance your photo entry. You will be asked to provide us with a copy of written consent if deemed necessary by our staff. See rules for more information.

  6. You understand that cash prizes can only be awarded to individuals who are 18 years of age or older and own a Paypal account to receive the funds. Prizes will be issued via Paypal.


  1. The deadline for this photo contest is October 31, 2012. Winners, if applicable, will be announced by November 30, 2012. Winners will not be selected unless 100 unique photos are entered into the contest. If 100 unique photos are not entered by the deadline, the contest may be extended or nullified.

  2. All photos entered must include an actual copy of the book with the title of the book clearly visible in the image in order to be eligible. If the book is or appears to be digitally altered or the title is not visible in an entry, it will automatically be disqualified.

  3. No persons involved in the production or creation of Write of the Living Dead may enter nor be found eligible for prizes.

  4. There are two types of prizes for this contest: randomized drawings and people’s choice awards. Entrants may post the same original image to more than one site outside of our Facebook fan page and submit each unique link for multiple entries into the random drawing. When posting the same image listed on multiple websites, entrants are asked to post only one image to the fan page and use the “comment” field to post the additional web links. People’s choice awards will be voted on by commenters on our Facebook fan page.

  5. All images entered into this contest must be original content, but may include supplemental images from the public domain for artistic effect. Digitally altered images are acceptable so long as these conditions are met: the book in the image may not be digitally altered in any fashion; it must be a real, physical, or actual copy of the paperback book; and any materials used to supplement the image must be original content or in the public domain (so no shopping in images of author-favorite, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to make your photo look cooler—only public domain supplements allowed!).

  6. Entrants interested in posting videos in lieu of photographic images may share these publically on sites like Youtube. Each publically shared video post will receive 3 entries into the random-draw prize categories.

  7. For the people’s choice image awards, any image which receives “likes” or “comments” from suspicious Facebook profiles (such as profiles that appear to be falsified) will be disqualified. On that same token, we encourage you to ask your friends to fan the page and vote for your image. The more the merrier.

Photo: Stan Swanson enjoys long walks on the beach and bubble baths curled up with his coauthored book, Write of the Living Dead. Where do you read your copy?