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3412 Imperial Palm Drive, Largo, FL 33771                      386-366-0109


Contact: Stan Swanson

Telephone: 386-366-0109



Write of the Living Dead Offers a ‘Writing Guide for Your Dark Side’

Two redhead educators and a horror publisher walk into a bar . . . during a zombie apocalypse. Armed with only their wits and a fully-charged-laptop battery, they hammered out the world's darkest writing manual amidst the flurry and chaos of gnashing teeth and rotting cadavers. Each chapter of the handbook is devoted to a different genre of writing–everything from academic writing (complete with MLA and APA sample essays), business writing, and even poetry and fiction–all of it with a dark and undead twist.

At over 300 pages, this writing guide (co-authored by Araminta Star Matthews, MFA; Rachel Lee, MA; and author/publisher Stan Swanson) has something to offer writers of all levels and any genre. Rocky Wood, president of the Horror Writers Association (a nonprofit organization of over 700 horror writers and publishing professionals), called Write of the Living Dead an “instant classic”.

Mr. Wood went on to say “I will wager you have never seen a book like this–one part humor, one part homage to the horror genre, and it is all layered over a solid foundation of serious instruction.”

Bram Stoker award-winning author Joe McKinney said: “This book deserves a place on any writer's desk. Imagine if George Romero and Hammer Films decided to rewrite Strunk and White's beloved guide The Elements of Style.  Well, I think Write of the Living Dead is pretty close to what they would come up with.”

The trio also feels that their unique writing guide will find a following in the classroom.

Co-author Matthews asks the question: “What teacher has not experienced the glazed eyes? The slumped posture? The groan? No, we're not talking about zombies--we're talking about students who are bored by their textbooks or lesson plans. This book is designed to make writing education fun by using the popular horror genre (complete with vampires, zombies, and werewolves) as scaffolding on which to build a foundation of solid writing skills from three experts in the field."

Write of the Living Dead is available at most bookstores and can also be ordered from the publisher’s website: Discounts are available to schools, students and libraries. More information, including a media kit, is available at